MR Mannequin is a mixed reality CPR simulation project that focuses on turning a CPR class into a real-life hospital emergency setting. It features real-time control of visual, auditory and biomedical signs by a facilitator/teacher. The mixed reality immersion using Microsofts Hololens allows students to feel the pulse, listen to heart sounds and examine the scar and blood on the CPR mannequin. Throughout the experience, students can check an ECG monitor, medical images, and body reaction based on scenarios presented by the facilitator. The facilitator can project a scenario to multiple students at the same time with a network connection and a control device. With this immersive encounter, students can experience and practice the decision-making processes involved in an emergency situation such as cardiac arrest.


Dr. Kevin Shi
Dr. Claudia Krebs
Dr. Cynthia Liu

Sean Jeon
Ishan Dixit
Dante Cerron
Kimberly Burke
Silver Xu
Friend Prakitpong
Gabriel Chen
Arjun Vadehra