The HoloBrain is an Augmented Reality (AR) teaching tool that was developed for the HoloLens in collaboration with the Microsoft Garage Internship programme. The HoloBrain uses 3D volumetric reconstructions from an MRI scan. The “education room” is organized by neuroanatomical systems and users can easily add and subtract structures and features in a dynamic way. A separate “MRI room” allows for direct correlation of the 3D reconstructions with the 2D MRI scans. These two features are a unique asset for student learning. Two research oriented rooms allow for the 4D visualization of fMRI data – a unique approach to the visualization and interpretation of these complex datasets. We also were able to visualize 4D cell motion datasets.

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UBC Development Team

Dr. Claudia Krebs
Mehrdad Ghomi
Dante Cerron
Ishan Dixit
Cynthia Liu
Yana Pertels
Robyn Choi
Parker Holman
Tamara Bodnar
Degly Sebastian Pava

ECE Capstone Team

Aviral Gargn
Chen Chen
Krystin Lee
Tom Lee
Mehrdad Ghomi
Kai Wing Kevin Tang

Microsoft Support

Peter Doidge-Harrison
Stephane Morichere-Matte

Microsoft Garage Interns

Kevin Jacyna
Reem Razak
Roxanne Plante
Salma Aly
Shirley Mao
Sean Tohidi

HoloBrain in the News

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